Friday, 20 October 2017

Logo maker

Hi everyone,

Sorry this is a late blog post i've been so busy with school work, anyway this week in rimu our teachers asked if we could make a logo design for “uru manuka’’ so here they are by the way there are 4 logo designs, i made the 1,3,4 on logo makr "and yes I know that it is spelled different'' the 2 was made on google drawing    these are all four of them but my favorite is the bottom left or the top left, what one is your favorite tell me in the comments below   Bye Billie.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

book character day

I arrived at school going to put my bag down and wait. for my best friend Chloe. to arrive. Chloe finally arrives and we go to the classroom. going  down to the mat and the teachers. say we are doing   a Parade.  me and chloe are glad I. guess  after we get our photos done we all.  go to the parade and show of our  costume I. was catwoman and Chloe was supergirl when we finished the parade we. played  a game of virus I.didn't get tagged till. the last minute. me and Chloe did some photos to.
then at lunchtime there was a lady that came down. to see are classroom because we where a digital classroom.

At the end of the day we paced up for assembly.  

Monday, 14 August 2017

Timetable for this week.

Hi. today I. am posting about my week  and my goals that I. Need to follow I. Think this is a fun way to learn because you can Do. What you want but you still have to math with the teacher and reading.
thanks for reading My timetable.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Book awards.

Author Today we had book award we had to get to school before 9.00 to get to the book award on time
My buddy on the bus was Chole we were talking and playing with slime they way.  

When we got of the bus we went to go sit on the sits and wait to the books awards stared . I Think the book awards was a bit boring but it was also fun because we got to learn about the book and how they made it. And why they made it.  The author also was reading a little bit of the book to all the school’s it as a fun experience. This was my favorite book that the author was reading to everyone.

My favorite book from the book awards

Image result for Leonie Agnew          The impossible boy by leonie agnew

Thursday, 27 July 2017

My school timetable

this week out teacher's said to us back up a school timetable and tell us why its the best and then show it to the whole school and this is my timetable  hope you like it  

Monday, 24 July 2017

What i did in the holidays!!

The first week of the holidays I didn't do that much because I was sick, but I was invited to hanmer springs because it was my best friend's Birthday. We had so much fun.

When I got out of my mums car I was so Excited. Me and my mum went  up the driveway to see maddie. after we put are bags in the car we went to couplings for some snacks when viviane and scott came back we realised that there was a flat Tire.

we finally put our bags into the other car and set of we were watching some movies and tv Shows. myself and maddie were taking photos of the mountains and the Snow. we finally unpacked and got settled in then myself and maddie went Walking. it felt like hours but it was really twenty Minutes.

me and maddie stayed up really late watching Movies. I finally woke up from my sleep then I changed into my clothes.

me and maddie went up a mountain it was really fun we were taking all these short cuts I almost fell on one of the short cuts.

when we get to the holiday house we get roise "maddie's cute dog " and went for lots of Walks. I think it was seven at  the house that we were staying at had a really steep Hill.

we got everything ready and went to the maze me and maddie were in teams we had to find all the letters and do a obstacle course  where you have some blocks and there is also water there To. and a big bucket that pours Water. me and maddie won

after. we went swimming for two hours after we went home and got changed and went out for Dinner.