Thursday, 7 December 2017

aboriginal art

this week our our teaches our both away on camp, so or reliever is teaching us about aboriginal art mine was about.  a starry night and a man and woman went out hunting for kangaroos. with their spears then there is a bushfire and then they both go on a journey together
and her is my painting.

please me a comment or some feedback.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

A poem, the magic box


I will put in the box a piece of sun from the sunny sky,

I will put in the box a piece of snow from a snowy mountain,

I will put in the box  a zombie from zimbabwe.

I will put in the box a piece of paper that can wave,

I will put in the box a hat that can swim,

I will put in the box a water bottle that can run a marathon

I will put in the box, a person walking at full speed,

I will put in the box, a box with purple paint and a star on the outside,

I will put in the box,  a elegant  star from the night sky.

I will put in the box,  a piece of the darkest night sky,

I will put in the box,  a piece of the slimiest slime that feels like a bulls eye,

I will put in the in the box, a piece of hair that feels like the finest silk.  

This is my poem that I made all of my class mates made the same one but different writing
i is about what you would put in your box but you put simile,metaphor,personification, and alliteration
Please give me some feedback Billie.

Monday, 27 November 2017

last week in rimu our class went to the a and p show!!! here are some photos .of our time there
also our teachers set a task for our class we had to complete tasks. that where on a piece of paper like the food truck or the water park/water slide.
Anyway please give me some feedback
Bye Billie.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The Oceanmaker.

On the 6h of november our teacher miss sragg. told us to write a something just like we just watched on the t.v first we watched the oceanmaker then. we got lots of ideas from our idea board in front of our class. when we were finished with all of our ideas we got planning sheets we got to plane. for ten minutes at that very moment I remember that I Needed to go to steps. so when I got back from steps I tried to finish my work on time so that's why my work is a bit rushed Anyway can you please comment on my blog and can you please give me feedback.
                                                 Here is the video
By Billie.

I’ve been look for my family ever since the day of the incident…..
It was a couple of years ago. My  family where in a boat for christmas it was fine that day the sun was shining the birds were singing everyone was laughing and smiling. I was happy everyone was happy that evening everything went wrong. I was getting ready for bed when suddenly the boat dipped upside down. I was rushing upstairs my family behind me as I. reached the top of the boat I realized my family weren't behind me they where stuck!! I quickly rushed to where they were stuck trying to free them I pulled the table as hard as I could. when suddenly I could see my mum she was looking at me to go everybody, even my dog lucky was there they told me to take lucky.  and they would fine away out the boat as I. escaped the boat I heard my mum dad and sister lucy saying “I love you” then I said my last words to them I love you.. at that moment the boat tips me and luckily swim to a piece of a cupboard. i’m crying and lucky is wondering where everyone is. as I  and luckily drifted to sleep I didn't know  my life would change back to the future pow pow.
As the fuel is getting low me and lucky make a quick pit stop to a store in africa. as i'm filling the gas up I remember lucky hasn't. hadn't had anything to eat so I go in the store lucky following i drop everything Mum.??? the lady turns around to me emma? is that you luckily ,chris! its emma as my dad comes rushing to my mom's side he looks at me emma, luckily he starts crying. then he gives me a big hug lucky. jumps into my dad's arms and starts licking him just at that moment my sister walks in she has some paper in one hand and a pen in the  other. when she looked up she dropped all her things and ran to me
that’s how I found my family…

Friday, 20 October 2017

Logo maker

Hi everyone,

this week in rimu our teachers asked if we could make a logo design for “uru manuka’’ so here they are by the way there are 4 logo designs, I made the first ,third,and fourth on logo makr the second was made on google drawing    these are all four of them but my favorite is the bottom left or the top left, what one is your favorite tell me in the comments below and give me some feedback  
 Bye Billie.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

book character day

I arrived at school going to put my bag down and wait. for my best friend Chloe. to arrive. Chloe finally arrives and we go to the classroom. going  down to the mat and the teachers. say we are doing   a Parade.  me and chloe are glad I. guess  after we get our photos done we all.  go to the parade and show of our  costume I. was catwoman and Chloe was supergirl when we finished the parade we. played  a game of virus I.didn't get tagged till. the last minute. me and Chloe did some photos to.
then at lunchtime there was a lady that came down. to see are classroom because we where a digital classroom.

At the end of the day we paced up for assembly.